Review our AMHA Bussing Policy

Feb. 05, 2018

MEMO: Re Policy review for AMHA teams utilizing a bus for travel

TO: Airdrie Minor Hockey Membership

FROM: Ryan Saumier Director of Discipline and Risk Management

Date: February 1, 2018

The purpose of the team bus experience is to ensure teams travel together, arrive on time, prepare for their game etc. Team busing could also be considered a cost saving measure and as such we do not discourage player's families from traveling on the bus provided the following

  1. There is space based on priority. Priority is 1) Players and team staff, 2) Parents 3) Siblings.

    Some important reminders when it comes to siblings traveling on the bus.
    1. Siblings must be seated with a parent
    2. Siblings must adhere to all rules of the bus (noise etc)
    3. No sibling shall take the place or space of a parent traveling on the bus.
    4. Players & team staff needs are the priority for bus trips. Please remember that movies, discussion, environment etc is to be kept age appropriate for the players.

    B. AMHA enforces zero tolerance for alcohol on team buses, there is absolutely no drinking on AMHA sanctioned team bus trips to anywhere. This is not only illegal but it is unsafe and presents a negative image for everyone involved, including all AMHA membership.


Those wishing to transport alcohol on buses fall under the same laws as passenger vehicles:


Transportation of liquor 87.1

(1) Liquor may be transported under section 83 of the Act only in accordance with this section.

(2) Except as otherwise provided for in the Act or in a liquor licence, no person may:

(a) transport liquor unless the liquor is in a container that is capped, corked or otherwise closed, whether or not the container has been previously opened;

(b) transport liquor in a vehicle if the liquor is within easy access of an occupant of the vehicle.


If there are incidents regarding the illegal consumption of alcohol on bus trips booked by any AMHA team regardless of distance or any other circumstance, immediate suspensions will be given to those involved. The suspension will include the player and family- until a formal hearing with the Discipline committee can be arranged, this means that no one from the family, including the player will attend any AMHA sanctioned event (practices, games, tournaments, team functions etc.) until a hearing can be conducted.


Questions, comments or concerns can be forwarded directly to


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